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Company „Poltrop”

The Company Poltrop has been carrying out its activity continuously since 1991. Throughout last years, we have progressively developed our activity becoming a multipurpose company. In 1992, we started construction works in Germany as a subcontractor of well-known German companies: Harzburger Stahlbau Brochier and Agardy constructing houses and public utility buildings. In 1996, we started a construction of a paper mill in Linz, Austria. From 2004, we have been carrying out construction services in Belgium and France (construction of houses, apartments, commercial buildings, halls). During three last years, our company has constructed housing estates, public utility buildings and apartments in Luxembourg, Belgium and France.

Recruitment of polish employees to work abroad.

As one of first companies in Europe, we obtained the Certificate of Minister of Labour which enables polish employees to work in all countries of the world. During 18 years of our activity, we have delegated over 6000 workers of various specialties to work abroad: - nurses to Italy, - site employees of different specialties to England, Ireland, Iceland, France, Netherlands, USA, Czech Republic and Cyprus -tourism and gastronomy workers to Italy, Greece and Cyprus -engineers, surveyors and other specialists for management positions to England and Netherlands We have reliable economic partners in Europe with whom we have been collaborating for over several years.

The main activity of our company is construction industry including:

  • Masonry works of any type of material
    (silicate, ytong, porotherm, concrete blocks and other).
  • Clinker elevations.
  • Building insulation, plastering (crépi)
    - systems: Caparal, Knauf.
  • Carpentry works- systems: Peri, Doca, Manta.
  • Reinforcement and concrete.
  • Door and sills installation.